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Welcome to DraftTack. We have the largest selection of Draft Horse and Warmblood size bits, English and Western and Aussie Bridles, Larger sized Cinches and Girths, Oversized Saddle pads, Nylon and Leather Halters
We have all sizes of Cashel flymasks including mule and donkey.



Turquoise Designer Halter with Brown Polka Dot Trim


Order here for this draft size, halter with adjustable nose and throatsnap.
Choose solid brass or silver tone hardware

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Wexford Concha Bridle with Laced Rein


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Color Size

Soft Saddle


Soft Saddle Liner


Soft Saddle Pad

SW-6430 Elite Hunting Snaffle Bridle

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Sizes: Draft, Warmblood, Horse, Arab/Cob, Yearling/LG Pony, Weanling/SM Pony, Foal/Mini

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Classic Western Headstall with Conchos

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Leather & Web Halter

Replaceable breakaway leather chapes

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Size___ Ribbed Webbing Color
Down Under Synthetic Crossover Saddle with Genuine Sheepskin

This saddle combines the swinging fenders, genuine sheepskin panels, and saddle skirts from Western saddles with the suspended seat and poleys of Australian saddles.
Kimberley Trailmaster

DraftTack offers a wide variety of Affordable Aussie Saddles that are perfect for your Draft Horse, Draft Cross and Friesian. Just send us a wither tracing and we will get you started.
For long or short rides, you'll find the Trailmaster the ideal choice. The unique suspended seat offers unsurpassed rider comfort, combined with the close contact extended fleece panel, ensures total rider satisfaction. A great crossover saddle offering the combined benefits of an Aussie and Western all-in one saddle. An ideal choice. Ideal for horses or mules with wide flat backs.

Weight: Approx. 23 lbs. without fittings (larger seat sizes will weigh slightly more)

Seat Depth: 4", Kneepads: 4"

Colors: Black or Brown

Seat Sizes: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 inch


Humane Girth


Enhance the performance of your equine athlete
with our ergonomically designed “humane” girth.
This leather girth self-adjusts to allow
your horse a greater range of movement,
especially when used with “V” billets.

Stainless steel dees and roller buckles.
Havana brown
Sizes: 44” - 68” in 2” increments.

Length of Girth

Curved Humane Girth

ALL horses love the comfort of this padded and curved leather girth.

Color: Havana brown.

Sizes: 60", 62"


EasyRider Saddle Pad

Colors: Black or Brown.

Size: 28" x 46"

Tacky-Tack Western Saddle Pad


Size: 34" x 36"
Colors: Black or Brown

Step-Up Stirrup


A portable "mounting block" that conveniently stores in its own bag.

Average Horse 47"-52"
Extra Large Horse(Draft) 52"-72"
Please measure Warmblood horses to see which size would fit best.

Black Cross Face Bridle


Large Draft is still available. This unique bridle is perfect for costume classes, maybe medieval. The black bridle has lots of silver.


White Cross Face Bridle

$129.99 $99.99 On Sale!
White Draft Breastcollar

$79.99 $69.99 On Sale!

Matching white leather breastcollar for the White Cross Face Bridle found on the Draft Costume-Medieval page. The white leather with chestnut edges has silver conchos and hardware.

Center between legs to cinch - 29"-31"
Center to side front of saddle - 32"-34"
Draft Horse Black Double Bridle


Leather Double Bridle. Padded with Two sets of Plain reins.

Size: Large Draft and Small Draft

Leather Color: Black/Black, Black/White
Width Measurements

Crown: 1 1/4"

Noseband : 1"

1st set of reins: 5/8"

2nd set of reins: 1/2"

HAL-Blue Stone V Brow Black English Bridle

For those who love blue, we had designed for us a Black English leather bridle with white padding and a v brow with three rows of blue stones. It comes with reins.

Size: Small Draft
HAL-Black Small Draft Halter Bridle

Super nice Small Draft Black Halter Bridle Combo
Padded Noseband and Browband
Silvertone Hardware
Comes with Reins

Straight Browband Western Headstall

The last ones of the leather western bridle with a leather braid across the browband.(See the picture for the browband detail.) Only one color, one size left.
No reins included.

Small Draft - Browband 17", Bit to Bit - 42" to 48", no throatlatch

Color: Dark Brown with medium brown braid
Size: Small Draft
Nylon Halters with Breakaway Crowns


Nylon Halter with Breakaway Crown
Your choice of 24 different colors, stylish and safe for your Draft (of course, we can do other sizes).
Please see our nylon tack page for all available add ons.
Colors available: Red, Orange, Yellow, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Lime Green, Hot Lime, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Navy Blue, Aqua, Teal, Turquoise, Purple, Lilac, Black, White, Grey, Gold, Brown, Tan, Hot Pink, Pink, Rose Pink

These are custom made in the USA and will take 2 to 4 weeks. They are shipped within 24 hours from when we receive them.


Weymouth Mullen Mouth Curb Bit with Chain
Sides are 6"
Bottom ring is 1" inside the ring
Center of the Mullen Mouth is 12mm, 1/2"
Chain is 10" long


Sizes: 6", 6 1/2"
Combination Hackamore


Made in the USA

Sweet iron mouth
Stainless steel sides Heavy duty nylon rope
Sizes: 6" and 6 1/2"
Sw-Quarter Moon Kimberwick FP

Made of the world's finest 18-8 (chromium/nickel) stainless steel. This alloy is best for bits because it extremely strong and resists salt and acids in saliva, and will never rust or spot. These bits are investment (lost wax) cast from carefully crafted models of tested bit designs to insure consistently perfect quality bit after bit. Even with these advanced production methods, every bit is hand inspected. Mouth thickness: 12 mm*
Size: 5 3/4", 6", 6 1/2", 7"
KNS-269 Hanging Cheek Snaffle Bit
Size: 6" and 6 1/2"

Full Cheek Snaffle with French Link




Made in the USA

This Argentine bit has a 3-Piece sweet iron mouth with copper rings in the center,

Cheeks are 7" stainless steel

Sizes: 5 1/2", 6" & 6 1/2"
Clincher Halter

This dressy leather halter with softly padded crown and nose. Solid brass or nickel plated hardware will never rust. Rolled throat latch and adjustable chin. 1" wide. Clinchers at cheeks and nose. Affordable and nice enough for showing. A great value. Imported.

Sizes: Large Draft
Colors: Black with Nickel Plated, or Havana With Brass

__Size______ Leather Color