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Welcome to DraftTack, We have the largest selection of Draft Horse and Warmblood size bits, Draft Horse English and Western bridles, Larger sized Cinches and Girths, Oversized Saddle pads, Draft Horse Designer Halters, Australian Draft Horse Tack.
We stock all sizes of Cashel flymasks including mule and donkey.
We have everything you need to ride your Draft and Warmblood Horses, all in one place.


hal-port2 HAL-Black Leather Portuguese Bridle

Here is Whole Lotta Rosie sporting a DraftTack exclusive Portuguese Style Bridle. The Bridle is made of Black Leather with Multiple Silver Conchos. It does come with matching Reins, and a matching breastcollar is available for purchase. We have this bridle in Small and Large Draft.

Rosie is a Sugarbush Draft. The Sugarbush Draft Horse is a smaller breed of draft, averaging between 15.2 and 16.2 hands and weighing an average of 1700 pounds. The ideal Sugarbush Draft Horse has a sloping shoulder, moderate back length, long neck and muscular hind quarters. This combination of traits allows the breed to excel in riding or driving, and makes a wonderfully versatile horse.
To find out more about this special breed of Draft, you can visit this webpage, http://www.sugarbushdrafthorse.com, or like them on Facebook. Rosie also has her own facebook page if you would like to find more out about her. Rosie is quite versatile and she is out showing the world what Drafts can do!!
Sizes: Small Draft, Large Draft
Matching Breast Collar Available
hal-10 HAL-10
Western Bridle with Celtic Knot Browband


Hard to Find Celtic Know Bridle, Draft Sizes only at DraftTack
Chestnut Color, comes with reins
Sizes: Small Draft, Large Draft
Browband: 18"
Bit to Bit: 51-56"
Throatlatch: 47-52"
Matching Breast Collar available, I just got to get a picture!!!
The Cashel Standard Fly Mask has been rated #1 by clinicians and equine publications for comfort, design and fit. Its form fitting cap is made of soft micro mesh with a forlock hole and double darts that helps the mask to stay put on stalled or pastured horses. The soft vinyl coated polyester mesh blocks 70% of UV rays, while the shape protects the eyes and the sensitive areas around the eyes from pressure and insects.

Sizes: Draft, Warmblood, Horse, Arab/Cob, Yearling/LG Pony, Weanling/SM Pony, Foal/Mini

TH-GermaniaKlasse Thornhill Germania Klasse-Dressage

Thornhill Germania® Klasse™ Saddle The Germania® Klasse™ is your teacher every time you ride. Designed in Germany with input from top Olympic dressage riders. A sophisticated and balanced saddle at a reasonable price. Features a beautifully balanced deep seat and soft external thigh rolls for close contact and comfort. Point and V billet for balanced girthing. Wool stuffed shaped panels. Available in smooth black German bridle leather.
10 year spring tree warranty.
Features: Tree is more of an
A-frame. Medium tree not for well sprung horse, fits small warmbloods. W & XW fit fuller backed, broader shouldered horses. Great saddle for riders that are long hip-to-knee. Puts your leg right where it should be.
Seat Size-17", 17 1/2" 18", 19"(additional $100 see option below) Flap Lengths (regardless of tree width): 17” seat size – 15.5” 17.5” and 18” seat sizes – 16” 19” seat size – 16.5”
We charge a 15% restocking fee on all returned saddles.
doublebridle HAL-1154
Draft Horse Black Double Bridle


Leather Double Bridle. Padded with Two sets of Plain reins.

Size: Large Draft and Small Draft

Leather Color: Black/Black, Black/White
Width Measurements

Crown: 1 1/4"

Noseband : 1"

1st set of reins: 5/8"

2nd set of reins: 1/2"

kns216 KNS-216


Weymouth Mullen Mouth Curb Bit with Chain
Sides are 6"
Bottom ring is 1" inside the ring
Center of the Mullen Mouth is 12mm, 1/2"
Chain is 10" long


Sizes: 6", 6 1/2"
Nylon Halters with Breakaway Crowns


Nylon Halter with Breakaway Crown
Your choice of 24 different colors, stylish and safe for your Draft (of course, we can do other sizes).
Please see our nylon tack page for all available add ons.
Colors available: Red, Orange, Yellow, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Lime Green, Hot Lime, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Navy Blue, Aqua, Teal, Turquoise, Purple, Lilac, Black, White, Grey, Gold, Brown, Tan, Hot Pink, Pink, Rose Pink

These are custom made in the USA and will take 2 to 4 weeks. They are shipped within 24 hours from when we receive them.
SAD371BR.jpg Down Under Crossover Saddle With Horn

This saddle combines the swinging fenders, fleece panels, and saddle skirts from Western saddles with the suspended seat and poleys of Australian saddles. What you wind up with is a super comfortable saddle that has Western looks with Aussie safety! Made from a quality smooth, drum-dyed leather and brass fittings. The Crossover has a trail horn and plenty of attachment points for your gear (horn is not suitable for roping). The Crossover works best with medium to low withered horses. Western rigged. Comes supplied with cord girth, on/off straps, and leather-wrapped stirrups. Weight: Approx. 25 lbs. fully fitted Seat Depth: 3.25" Kneepads: 4" Seat Sizes: 16", 17", 18", 19" Colors: Brown or Black Panel Type: Fleece
Kimberley_Trailmaster_NH.jpg Kimberley Trailmaster

DraftTack offers a wide variety of Affordable Aussie Saddles that are perfect for your Draft Horse, Draft Cross and Friesian. Just send us a wither tracing and we will get you started.
For long or short rides, you'll find the Trailmaster the ideal choice. The unique suspended seat offers unsurpassed rider comfort, combined with the close contact extended fleece panel, ensures total rider satisfaction. A great crossover saddle offering the combined benefits of an Aussie and Western all-in one saddle. An ideal choice. Ideal for horses or mules with wide flat backs.

Weight: Approx. 23 lbs. without fittings (larger seat sizes will weigh slightly more)

Seat Depth: 4", Kneepads: 4"

Colors: Black or Brown

Seat Sizes: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 inch

Saddle-Pads-245BR.jpg DU-245

Easyrider Saddle Pad

The EasyRider ™ Saddle Pad Made from a soft durable acrylic double fleece, and fitted with double saddle bags for added convenience. Keep your first aid kit, lunch, maps, etc. at hand without having to deal with separate saddle bags. Each bag is 10" wide by 8" tall with a 3" gusset. Sweat flap strap helps keep the pad and saddle together. Ideal for all aussie saddles. Available in black and brown. Size: 28" x 46"
Designer Halter Turquoise with Brown Dots


Choose from our very many options for creating your own halter, in your colors with your options. We carry 24 different nylon colors, too many to mention trims, and everything you need to make your halter fit your needs.
Available in Draft, Warmblood/Small Draft, Large Horse, Horse, Arab/Cob, Pony and Mini.
This halter pictured is Turquoise with a brown and Turquoise dot trim.

These are custom made in the USA and will take 2 to 4 weeks. They are shipped within 24 hours from when we receive them.
Order here for this halter with Solid brass or silver tone hardware, adjustable nose and throatsnap
blackhal4555 HAL-4555 Black Western Wide Brow Bridle

Same Measurements as Chestnut Color
Available in Small and Large Draft
Matching Breast Collar also Available
Comes with Reins
AHE-244027 AHE-244027
Combination Hackamore


Made in the USA

Sweet iron mouth
Stainless steel sides Heavy duty nylon rope
Sizes: 6" and 6 1/2"
stepupstirrup.jpg CS
Step-Up Stirrup

This Step-Up Stirrup helps solve the age-old problem for those that have a saddle horn of not being able to comfortably and confidently step up in your stirrup without the use of a mounting block. It conveniently stores in its own bag so you can use it to get up, put it back in the attached bag and carry it on your saddle horn out on the trail in case you need to remount.
To use simply attach the loop on the Step Up Stirrup to your saddle horn and pull around the back of the cantle to create the extra step you need. Adjust It's stirrup lower the the saddle stirrup and use the opposite foot in the Step-up Stirrup to create an extra step.
Features an adjustable strap and stainless steel hardware.

Average Horse 47"-52"
Extra Large Horse(Draft) 52"-72"

Please measure Warmblood horses to see which size would fit best.
HAL-BLUEROSIE HAL-Blue Stone V Brow Black English Bridle

For those who love blue, we had designed for us a Black English leather bridle with white padding and a v brow with three rows of blue stones. It comes with reins.

Size: Small Draft
QuarterMoonKimberwick.jpeg Sw-Quarter Moon Kimberwick FP

Made of the world's finest 18-8 (chromium/nickel) stainless steel. This alloy is best for bits because it extremely strong and resists salt and acids in saliva, and will never rust or spot. These bits are investment (lost wax) cast from carefully crafted models of tested bit designs to insure consistently perfect quality bit after bit. Even with these advanced production methods, every bit is hand inspected. Mouth thickness: 12 mm*
Size: 5 3/4", 6", 6 1/2", 7"
TR-Vbrowband TR-V Browband Western Headstall

V browband Western Headstall
Browband 20 1/2"
Bit to Bit 46-56"
Throatlatch 44-49" Colors: Black and Dark Oil
KNS-269 KNS-269 Hanging Cheek Snaffle Bit
Size: 6" and 6 1/2"
ahe5019fb MADE IN THE USA !!!!! Argentine Bit -Sweet iron with Copper Rings(fp)

Argentine Bit, 6" 3-Piece sweet iron mouth with copper rings in the center, 7" stainless steel cheeks -

Made in the USA

Only available wit a 6" at the moment. If this sells well we will get other sizes and other American made draft size bits.

Tacky-Tack Western Saddle Pad


Size: 34" x 36"
Colors: Black or Brown

HAl-4057rosie HAL-4057 Brown Show Bridle
This brown leather bridle has 3 silver bar plates. One on the browband and one on each side. It has a large silver concho on each side where the browband joins the sides of the bridle. Small silver conchoes and silver buckles finish this ornate bridle.

Small Draft

Browband 17"
Bit to Bit 40"-48"
throatlatch 38"-44"
Reins 88"
HAL-HALTERBRIDLE HAL-Black Small Draft Halter Bridle

Super nice Small Draft Black Halter Bridle Combo
Padded Noseband and Browband
Silvertone Hardware
Comes with Reins

Drafts generally fall into two different catergories. The short, around 16 hands, stocky "farm chuck" type that is wide and flat. The taller, 17+ hands, narrower hitch type. We carry products for both sizes. However, some Drafts and Draft Crosses, just don't fit into either category. Don't worry, we can help you too! Do you own a Drafty horse, like a Friesian or a Gypsy? We can help you too! Quarter Horse, Mustang, and TWH owners with a hard to fit horse, we can help you too! We have searched high and low, and we have gathered many hard to find Draft items. Feel free to ask questions, or give suggestions for products you wished we already carried.

We LOVE getting pictures of your Drafts wearing our products

Please send them, they might end up on DraftTack. Just make sure we have the horse's and your names. A little interesting information about your wonderful horse may get printed, too, if you tell us.

Thank you!! From all of us here at Drafttack.com