Wide Nose Nylon Halters

Brand new wide nose halters, looks great on those big draft noses :) Of course we can get them in any size. If you want some other color or trim let us know and we will have it made for you, just give us a call.
RM-AdjN Adjustable Nose
Add an adjustable nose to your halter

DRAFT: 25" - 30"
WARMBLOOD: 28"-31"
HORSE: 23"-26"
ARAB/COB: 20 1/2"-22"
RM-TS Throatsnap
Add a throatsnap to your halter
Pink Leopard Wide Nose Halter


Brand new!! A Wide nose halter. If you order here you will get the PINK LEOPARD Wide Nose Halter and the nylon will come in black. You can also choose which nylon color you want or any trim you want. Just pick a Basic RONMAR Nylon Halterabove and pick the nylon color you want. Then go to the trims below and if it tells you Wide nose is possible. you can order the trim as a wide nose option. At the trim click on ADD TO CART to go to the Cart page to order the trim style you want. Let us know you want it in Wide Nose Trim. These come in all sizes and feel free to add any option.
Rockin Peace Wide Nose Halter

Rockin Peace Wide nose halter. Shown on a turquoise halter. If you would like a different color, please specify at check out. Comes basic, please add extra options if you would like. Comes in all sizes.
Leather Breakaway Crown

Order Halter above and add a breakaway crown to your bridle as an option.
The 23" Black leather crown has 4 holes - 3 1 2" adjustments on each side of the leather - starting 3 inches from the ends.
You can also buy an extra or as a replacement for one that "broke away"

Crown measurement with Breakaway on the Halter:
Extra Large Draft: 21"-28"
Draft: 21"-28"

Hardware Option

Blue Flowers Wide Nose Halter

Wide Nose Halter with Blue Flower trim
Available in any color nylon, please specify at check out or it will be royal blue
Please add options, as this halter comes basic