Aussie Saddle Accessories

Most of these items will fit draft horse saddles. When some of the items on this page will not be for draft horses, there will be a note on each saying it is not sized for our big guys and girls. We also sell aussie saddles for horse and cob sizes and want to offer options for them. We can't get all the items in the larger sizes because at this time they aren't made by anyone we order from. When we find bigger in anything we offer it as quickly as we can get it.

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RM-Nylon Aussie Girth with fleece or Felt
Nylon Aussie Girths with Fleece or Felt Backing $57.99 Nylon colors: Black, White, Royal Blue, Red, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Navy, Tan, Brown, Gray, Purple, Lilac, Turquoise, Aqua, Rose Pink, Pink, Baby Blue, Yellow, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Neon Green Please note: Felt is available in black only. To see most of the fleece options click on "Click to see Fleece and Quilt Options" above on the left side. Fleece Colors: Black, White, Brown, Red, Maize, Purple, Burgundy, Turquoise, Hot Lime, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Royal Blue, Pastel Pink, Leopard, Zebra, Brown/White Cowhide, Black/White Cowhide, American Flags Our nylon products are custom made and take 2-4 weeks to receive, if you need something right away please for availability
Australian Foam Tush Cushion

The Australian Foam Tush Cushion is 1/2" thick closed cell foam covered by a fine black knit fabric. It is designed to fit most Australian saddles providing hours of comfort in the saddle. Adjustable nylon straps keep the cushion firmly in place.
Machine Wash cold - Line dry
Kimberly Back Cinch


Rear cinch, ideal for any horn Aussie saddle. Comes complete with attached billet straps. Made with brass buckles, gold stitching and fully lined with suede leather.

LENGTH: 48" OR 60"

Kimberly Soft Fleece Girth


Leather pull-up strap and leather trimmed with soft fleece underside, makes this girth light in weight and extremely comfortable for the horse.

Leather Covered Western Stirrups


Heavy duty cast aluminum is covered with leather and hand-stitched with gold stitching. The pair has 4" wide leather pads at the bottom, and is 5" wide at the curved part near the bottom.
Colors: Brown and Black
Maximum Endurance Stirrups

These leather covered Maximum Endurance Stirrups spread your weight over a much larger area, reducing back pain and sore feet. Soft rubber tread. Brown color
Neoprene Aussie Girth

For your horse and cob size aussie saddle this easy care, soft and very durable, neoprene girth is the choice of horse riders around the world. It has thick neoprene on both the top and bottom of the girth. The brass plated roller buckles allow for easy adjustment.
Girth width: 4 inches
Inside buckle width: 1.25 inches


Size - 36"
Neoprene Endurance Style Girth


Works with most dressage saddles. <".
Girth width: 4 inches, inside buckle width: 1 inch.
Color: Black

Kimberley Crupper

Brass fittings, gold stitching and fully adjustable.
Colors: Brown and Black
Toowoomba Crupper

Great quality, durable leather, gold stitched and brass fittings and buckle on the dock for easy fitting to the horse.
Colors: Brown, Black, Old Mahagany
Western Conversion Rig

This setup converts the standard Aussie girth system to Western rigging. If your saddle has a billet strap between the top saddle flap and the sweat flap, but you want to use Western rigging, this is what you need. The conversion strap replaces the standard overgirth. It has a dee ring on the on-side and a buckle with two slots on the off-side. This allows for the use of any standard Western girth. The billet strap on the saddle is not used in this setup. Includes sturdy leather conversion overgirth, nylon on and off straps, and cord cinch.
Toowoomba Half Bates Rig

Australian made by Toowoomba Saddlery! The Bates Rig was originally designed in Australia many years ago. A similar concept is sometimes marketed here in the US as a tackleberry or rapid release. The special quick release Bates buckle allows the rider to girth up and ungirth extremely quickly without much effort, due to the special Bates buckle and the leverage system. This rigging can be used on any Australian or Western saddle that is fitted with rigging dees, (large dee fitted between top saddle flap and underflap) and will greatly improve the girthing process over the standard western rigging, and allows the saddle to be girthed tighter to help stop saddle slippage. Includes on and off straps, tackleberry buckle, and cord cinch.
Toowomba Full Bates Rig

Australian made by Toowoomba Saddlery! The Full Bates Rig converts the standard Aussie girth system to Western rigging. If your saddle has a billet strap between the top saddle flap and the underflap, this is the setup needed. The Bates top strap replaces the standard overgirth. It has a a dee on the on-side and a roller buckle on the off-side for ease of girthing. A tackleberry quick release buckle makes removing the cinch a breeze. Includes Bates overgirth, on and off straps, tackleberry bu