Hunt/Jumping/Eventing Leather English Bridle

We offer a lot of different size bridles to fit your Friesian, Draft Cross, Small Draft and Large Draft.
Wide Nose Hunter Bridle

This havana leather bridle has decorative stitching on the browband and wide nose. The crank nose comes with a removable flash. The laced reins also have decorative stitching near the bit end.

Large Draft
Browband - 20"
Bit to Bit - 46"-58"
Throat latch - 47"-60"
Removable Flash - 24"-29"
Reins -66" each side

Sizes Hardware
SW-6430 Elite Hunting Snaffle Bridle

A classically styled, no frills hunt bridle. Simple, solid and dependable. Easy to keep clean and will last for years when properly cared for. Laced reins. Available in traditional Havana and Antique.
EliteTM bridles are made from the finest European leathes and stainless steel hardware. This leather is specifically tanned for just the right balance of firmness and flexibility. Soft and pliable. Gently secure between your fingers from the first day. The finest leather we have found. Padded crowns, nosebands and browbands and buckle guards assure comfort for your horse.
EliteTM bridles are edged, fitted and sewn by skilled bridle makers with careful attention to every detail for a perfect show quality. Slotted cavessons and lined turnbacks on reins and cheeks for durability.
Aniline finshed select cowhides for easy cleaning and preservation. Oils soak in – doesn’t bead up on the surface.
10 stitches per inch for beauty and strength.
Stainless steel buckles and hardware will never rust.
Back punched holes are easy to buckle up.

Measurements: DRAFT Browband 20" Bit to Bit 42" - 55" Throatlatch 48" - 55 " Noseband 27" - 32" Laced Reins 64"
Bits sold separately. Imported.
Size: Horse, Large Horse, Draft
ProAm Fancy Raised/Padded Figure 8 Bridle


ProAm Fancy Raised/Padded Figure 8 Bridle
Comes with Flexi brown rubber reins.
Available in Brown
Warmblood size Dimensions: Browband 16"
Maximum length noseband 35"
Maximum length Throatsnap 50"
Maximum length Bit to Bit 50"
Also available in horse and cob sizes
Pro-Trainer Show Bridle


Pro-Trainer Show Bridle
Padded, Fancy Stitched Bridle with Channel Crown and matching raised reins.
Colors: Dark Brown
Sizes: Warmblood, Horse, Cob
Warmblood Dimensions
Browband: 16 inches
Bit to Bit: goes up to 50 inches