Police Bridles

Lite Weight Austrailian Halter Bridle Combo

A durable leather halter bridle, more refined for horses that have a finer head. Detailed with gold edge stitching and brass trim. It comes with quick release snaps on the cheek straps.
Browband - 21" long, 5/8" wide
Noseband - 24"-34" long, 7/8" wide
Bit to Bit - 50"-56"
Snap Throatlatch 50"-62"
Gold stitiched leather reins - 6'
Large Heavy Weight Australian Halter Bridle Combo

A 3 in 1 combination with the simplicity of quick-release snaps, turns this heavy duty leather bridle into a halter instantly. Add snaps to the reins and now you have a lead. Supplied complete with reins and made with solid brass trim and gold stitching. This Halter Bridle has edge stitching and premium quality leather.
Browband - 21"
Noseband - 28"-31"
Bit to Bit - 50"-56"
Throatlatch - 49"-52"
Leather reins with English buckle - 6'
SW-Police Bridle

Police Bridle
The standard of many police mounded units. Made in Hartford, Connecticut of American leather with stainless steel, chrome plated brass or solid brass hardware. Sturdy, double leather construction. Highly adjustable with snap-on bit hangers for easy bit change or removal.
Colors:Black, Havana
Sizes: Draft, Large Horse, Horse