Draft Dressage Girths, Leathers and Irons

Clarks Lake Screaming Devil...better known as Diablo or "D" owned by Katie Jensen of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Diablo is a 16.1 h buckskin tobiano stallion who is excelling in dressage and jumping. Diablo attended his first jumper show and placed in every class (1st time off the farm & competing against seasoned jumpers), at his first dressage show he walked away with 2 firsts and a high point in 1st level and training level. Diablo also attended his first AWS inspection where he scored a 72.375 earning him red preferred status as a "Draft" horse. He will be going again next year, aiming for blue preferred.
If you are looking for a stallion to throw impeccable movement, bone (9.5" cannon), conformation, stamina and of course color...this stallion is the choice for your mare. He is not homozygous but has so far produced 90% spotted, and 75% buckskin.
We are expected to be offering frozen semen starting April 2013.
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Neoprene Endurance Style Girth


Works with most dressage saddles. <".
Girth width: 4 inches, inside buckle width: 1 inch.
Color: Black

Stirrup Leathers by Perri's X-Long Size


Top quality stirrup leathers at a great price. Center reinforcement at buckle end to prevent stretching. Triple stitched at stainless steal buckles (leadline leathers, double stitched at buckle). Amish made.
1" X 60"

Color: Chestnut, Havana, Black

TH-Pro Trainer Premium Stirrup Leathers

Pro-Trainer Premium Stirrup Leathers
Triple Stitched at Buckle, 3/4"holes
3/4" X 48"--Brown
3/4" X 54"--Brown
1" X 48"--Brown, Chestnut, Black
1" X 54"--Brown, Chestnut, Black
1" X 60" --Brown, Chestnut, Black
TH-English E-Z Mount
For help mounting horses. Folds up into a carry pouch. Stirrup not included.
TH-Stainless Steel Filis Stirrups

Stainless Steel Fillis Stirrups with insert
Sizes: 4", 4 1/4", 4 1/2", 4 3/4", 5"
TH-Stainless Steel Peacock Safety Stirrups

Stainless Steel Peacock Safety Stirrups

Complete with white rubber inserts for the bottom of the stirrup, safety leathers and rubber rings for the sides of the stirrup. Stirrup leathers may be purchased above.
Sizes: 3 3/4", 4", 4 1/4", 4 1/2", 4 3/4"