Our Gag Bits are all solid stainless steel unless otherwise noted.
These are bits that accentuates the upward, lifting action of the snaffle
against the corners of the mouth, giving the horse a clear clue that it
should lift its head. If you cannot find the bit you are looking for,
call 1-513-724-0702 during business hours and ask. If we get enough
requests for a particular bit, we will have them made.

This snaffle is effective because it allows the mouthpiece to drop more easily when the pressure on the rein is released.
The ring, with its big size, comes in contact with a large area of the cheek, to help reinforce directional changes,
and adds strength to the action of the bit.
Mouth is 15mm at the cheek piece. Sizes:" 6 1/2", 6 3/4", 7"