English Saddle Accessories

English 5-Point Breastplate


Draft Measurements:
Across the withers - 9"
Upper attachments to saddle including snap" 11" to 15"
Withers to center front - 24"
Lower upper elastic attachment from the ring on triangle to saddle - 17" to 21"
Lower attachment from center front to saddle 25" to 30"
Removable Martingale 18" to 19"

This 5-Point Breastplate is padded and elasticized for horse comfort. (Attachment sold separately.) The breastplate is made of the finest English and European leather and has stainless steel hardware. The stainless steel buckles and 1 1/2" rings are brightly polished, strong and rustproof. The leather is made of first quality hides, tanned and curried to look good, accept oil and darken and mellow as you use it. It then is beautifully finished - carefully hand stitched, creased, edged and hand rubbed as English bridlemakers have done for centuries.

Colors: Black & Havana

Sizes: Large Horse/Small Draft & Draft

Flat Adjustable Breastplate

This breastplate uses only first quality hides, tanned and curried to look good, accept oil and darken and mellow as you use your tack. · It has stainless steel buckles and 1 12" rings – polished, strong and rustproof.

Leather colors: Havana and Antique

Size: Draft
Draft Measurements:
Across the withers - 15"
Upper Attachments to saddle 10" to 12"
Withers to center front - 31" to 32"
Lower Attachment from center front to saddle 32" to 35"

Humane Girth


Enhance the performance of your equine athlete
with our ergonomically designed “humane” girth.
This leather girth self-adjusts to allow
your horse a greater range of movement,
especially when used with “V” billets.

Stainless steel dees and roller buckles.
Havana brown
Sizes: 46,54 thru 66" in 2” increments. Black 60 & 62"

Length of Girth Black 60 & 62"
Single Elastic End English Girth

Our Custom Leather English Girths are made of top quality leather with soft padded center. At one end is premium quality 1 1/2" elastic with 1" roller buckles. The other end has just the two buckles. Hand made in the USA. Sizes starts at 52" and goes up in 2" increments to 72". Colors are BLACK, HAVANA, and CHESTNUT.

If the size you need is not listed here, please add the custom size to comments box at checkout. Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for delivery of our out of stock, or custom made girths. Colors - BLACK: 60", 62", 64", 66", 68", 70", 72"
HAVANA: 52", 54", 56", 58", 60", 62", 64", 66", 68", 70", 72"
CHESTNUT: 58", 60", 62", 64", 66", 68", 70", 72"
RM-300 -
Nylon English Girths with Fleece or Felt Backing

Our English Nylon fleece or felt backed girths are a huge hit! Featuring 1" wide buckles, and elastic on one or both ends to help with a comfortable fit for your draft.

Nylon colors: Black, White, Royal Blue, Red, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Navy, Tan, Brown, Gray, Purple, Lilac, Turquoise, Aqua, Rose Pink, Pink, Baby Blue, Yellow, Hunter Orange, Hot Pink, Neon Green, Hot Lime(Bright yellowish green)
Lengths from 54" to 72"
Please note: Felt is available in black only.

To see most of the fleece options click on "Click to see Fleece and Quilt Options" above on the left side.
Fleece Colors: Black, Brown, Red, Maize, Purple, Burgundy, Turquoise, Hot Lime, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Royal Blue, Pastel Pink, Leopard, Zebra, Brown/White Cowhide, Black/White Cowhide, American Flags
Our nylon products are custom made and take 2-4 weeks to receive, if you need something right away please call to find out what we have in stock.

We have a double ended black nylon black fleece, size 66 inches in stock.
English Girth Converter to Western Cinch

This English converter converts an English Girth to a Western Cinch. It has two English billet buckles (large enough for Australian billets) attached to a Western D-Ring on a leather backing. Your saddle billet straps buckle to the English Converter on each side of the saddle, providing a D-Ring for attaching the off-billet strap and latigo (not included). This lets you enjoy a lighter weight English saddle while keeping the leverage and security provided by the western cinch/latigo system. Your saddle billet straps buckle to the English Converter on each side of the saddle, providing an easy way to secure your western cinch. Sold as a pair.
English Fleece Tush Cushion

The English Fleece Tush Cushion has 1/2" of Cashel closed cell foam (will not collapse like open-cell foam) covered with the fleece to the edges, with adjustable nylon straps to hold it firmly in place. It will not bunch up or absorb heat for a smooth balanced seat, for hours of comfort.
14" long x 13" wide
Cashel English Foam Tush Cushion

The English Foam Tush Cushion is 12" wide x 11" long at center front to back. It is 1/2" thick closed cell foam covered by a fine black knit fabric. Machine Wash cold - Line dry
SW-Grab Strap

Safety minded riders love the discrete 12˝” long rounded strap which attaches to falldown staples for security. Antique, Black, and Havana.
Ankle Safe
It is the perfect place to carry your necessities and items you may need in the unlikely event you get separated form your horse. Specially designed pocket will hold a cell phone, plus smaller side pockets hold your ID, cash, keys and whistle. Padded inner lining and elastic closure make it comfortable to wear on your ankle. Also used joggers, mountain bikers or as a substitute for a wallet. Colors: Black and Camo
Cozy Toes-English
English Cozy Toes™ keeps your feet dry and warm in rain or cold weather. Made of durable, water resistant nylon Cordura, they contain a pocket designed for warming packets which provide a safe all natural heat for over 5 hours (sold separately). Cozy Toes™ easily straps on your English stirrups using sturdy hook and loop closures that are adjustable for different boot sizes. Colors: Camo
Neoprene Endurance Style Girth


Works with most dressage saddles. <".
Girth width: 4 inches, inside buckle width: 1 inch.
Color: Black