Draft Horse Western

Western tack for your oversize Mule, Draft or Warmblood horse

Straight Browband Western Headstall

Color: Dark Brown with medium brown braid
Size: Small Draft
Western Foam Tush Cushion - Long

This Cashel Western Long Tush Cushion measures 13" wide x 15" long and 1/2" thick. The seat extends 5” longer than the original Cashel Western Tush Cushion®. It provides additional padding up the cantle for riders who like to sit back in the saddle or who have had tail bone injuries that require extra cushioning. It is made with the same closed-cell foam as the popular Cashel Cushion™ saddle pads. It's color is black. It is 1/2" thick closed cell foam covered by a fine black knit fabric. Machine Wash cold - Line dry
Western Long Fleece Tush Cushion

The Western Long Fleece Tush Cushion has 1/2" of Cashel closed cell foam (will not collapse like open-cell foam) covered with the fleece to the edges. It has adjustable nylon straps to hold it firmly in place to prevent sliding or shifting while riding. It will not bunch up or absorb heat for a smooth balanced seat, for hours of comfort.

Black color fleece
13" wide
14" long in the center from the front to the back

Tan color fleece
16" wide
16" long in the center from the front to the back
Black Leather Western Bridle Red and White Rawhide Trim


Black Leather Western Bridle with Red and White Rawhide Trim. Basketweave tooling on both the bridle and the first 20" of the reins. Comes with silver colored buckles. Matching breastcollar HAL-DT3 Black Breastcollar with Red and White Rawhide Trim is available below for $75

At this time we only have small draft available. We are getting both sizes made but it will be a while before we have the large draft size back in stock.

Sizes: Small Draft:
Browband - 17 1/2"
Bit 2 Bit - 40"-48"
Throatlatch - 39"-44"
Reins - 90"

Large Draft:
Browband - 21"
Bit 2 Bit - 47"-55"
Throatlatch - 46"-50"
Reins - 90"


Soft Saddle


Soft Saddle Liner


Soft Saddle Pad

Down Under Synthetic Crossover Saddle with Genuine Sheepskin

This saddle combines the swinging fenders, genuine sheepskin panels, and saddle skirts from Western saddles with the suspended seat and poleys of Australian saddles.