Draft Horse Essentials

PL 140
Draft Horse Leather Turnout Halter

A practical heavy duty leather halter, Amish made out of harness leather. The hardware is brass colored. It has one buckle crown, adjustable nose and a snap at the throat. You could add more holes to make both the crown and/or the nose smaller. The leather is 1" wide.

Draft size:
CROWN - 27"-30", CHEEKS - 10 1/2", NOSE - 30"-33", CHIN(leather only) - 6 1/2", THROAT(leather and snap) - 19"

Warmblood size:
CROWN - 23-26", CHEEKS - 9", NOSE - 28"-30", CHIN(leather only) - 6", THROAT(leather and snap) - 17".

Colors: Black, Havana

Wexford Padded Leather Draft Halter

This Smith Worthington Halter has their Wexford quality leather halter with softly padded crown and nose. Solid brass hardware. Rolled throatlatch and an adjustable chin. 1" wide.

Small Draft
Large Draft

Black - currently available only in size Small Draft

Large Draft Size: PADDED CROWN - 26"-29", CHEEKS - 11", PADDED NOSE - 30"-32", CHIN(leather only) - 6 1/2", THROAT(leather and snap) - 20"

Small Draft Size: PADDED CROWN - 21"-26", CHEEKS - 9 1/2", PADDED NOSE - 28"-32", CHIN(leather only) - 7", THROAT(leather and snap) - 19"
CS-BBA Boomer's Bandages
With a unique combination of 3 inches of elastic attached to 6 inches of hook and loop closures, these bandages provide an adjustable yet nonbinding fit that takes the effort and guesswork out of wrapping. An all in one, neat quilt-like construction that is machine washable. These versatile bandages are ideal for post workout, overnight stabling, shipping or turnout, plus can be used over your favorite liniment. With a maximum circumference measurement of up to 14 inches at an inch hook and loop closure these should fit most of our drafts and crosses. Sold as a pair. Sizes: 12", 14" and 16" (This is the height measurement) Colors: Black, Green, Camo, Navy and Red If you need right away please call for availability of color.
CS - Ear Plugs

Our soft, comforting Cashel foam is distinctively molded to fit safely in your horse’s ears. These cushion earplugs are easy to insert and aids in comforting your horse by muffling the scary noises of clipping, bathing, trailering, trail riding and showing.
Sizes: X-Large(Draft/Mule)
Large(16 Hands)
Medium(Average Horse)
Correcta Pad

Modeled after our popular Premium Trailrider Pad, this pad has great looks as well as functionality. A large pocket at the front of the saddle with felt inserts allows the fitment to be adjusted separately for each side. This is perfect for where the saddle is a bit too wide for the horse. It also works well if one side of the withers is more developed than the other. Wool topside and wool felt underside with contrasting trim. Fitted with a sweat flap strap - just slip your sweat flap through the strap and the saddle and pad will stay together very nicely. Also has tie down straps with leather tabs. Available in Black or Brown. Size 26" long x 51" wide
SW-Unpadded Leather Draft Halter 1"
Made of aniline grain leather tanned with traditional tanning methods. This means that it will properly accept oil when you clean and oil your tack. (This tannage has no objectionable odors.) Solid brass hardware will never rust. Good for working, pony club, 4-H, beginner and intermediate. Good looking, yet durable enough for everyday - a great value. Imported.
Color: Havana/Brass
Step-Up Stirrup

This Step-Up Stirrup helps solve the age-old problem for those that have a saddle horn of not being able to comfortably and confidently step up in your stirrup without the use of a mounting block. It conveniently stores in its own bag so you can use it to get up, put it back in the attached bag and carry it on your saddle horn out on the trail in case you need to remount.
To use simply attach the loop on the Step Up Stirrup to your saddle horn and pull around the back of the cantle to create the extra step you need. Adjust It's stirrup lower the the saddle stirrup and use the opposite foot in the Step-up Stirrup to create an extra step.
Features an adjustable strap and stainless steel hardware.

Average Horse 47"-52"
Extra Large Horse(Draft) 52"-72"

Please measure Warmblood horses to see which size would fit best.
English Girth Converter to Western Cinch

This English converter converts an English Girth to a Western Cinch. It has two English billet buckles (large enough for Australian billets) attached to a Western D-Ring on a leather backing. Your saddle billet straps buckle to the English Converter on each side of the saddle, providing a D-Ring for attaching the off-billet strap and latigo (not included). This lets you enjoy a lighter weight English saddle while keeping the leverage and security provided by the western cinch/latigo system. Your saddle billet straps buckle to the English Converter on each side of the saddle, providing an easy way to secure your western cinch. Sold as a pair.