Western Saddle Pads

OZ-34 x 34 Navajo Western Saddle Pad(Gold)
Traditional oversize southwest print top pad with 1" scalloped felt bottom. This pad has the main color Gold, with Red and Blue Stripes accented with Black and White Approx 34 X 34
OZ-W4055 34 x 34 Black Felt Saddle Pad

Black Felt (both sides)Saddle Pad
34" x 34" with Wear Leathers
Oz-W4055 34" x 34" BLue Felt Saddle Pad

Blue Felt Saddle Pad
34" x 34"
Black wear leathers
OZ-W4055 34" x 34" Black Fleece Saddle Pad

Black Fleece Saddle Pad
34 " x 34"
Black fleece both sides with brown wear leathers
OZ-11252(gold)30 x 32 Cutback Pad

Southwest print top and bottom pad cut-back with a heavy felt center and wear leathers.
This one is mostly gold, with white, black, red, pink, and blue 30 x 32
OZ-11252(Silver) 30 x 32 Cut out Pad

Southwest Saddle Pad, 30 x 32
Print is mostly black with silver, grey and red
Fleece bottom and wear leathers
OZ-11252(Blue) 30 x 32 cut out pad

Southwestern Saddle Pad, cut out 30 x 32
This one is mostly blue with white, black and red
Fleece bottom and wear leathers
30 X 30 Cutback Pad
Horse Size
Southwest print top and bottom
Pad cut-back with a heavy felt center
Suede wear leathers
36"X36" Western Fleece Saddle Pad


36"X36" All one color fleece unless you order quilted. Pick one side one color fleece, other side quilted or another color fleece. You decide what you want and we will get it made. (Allow 2 to 4 weeks) Click on left above to see some of the fleece and quilted possibilities available in both English and western.

Colors and Patterns:
Black, Brown, Blue, Turquoise, Pink, Baby Blue, Hunter Green, Lilac, Purple, Burgundy, Maize, Neon Green, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Lime, Zebra Black Cow Brown Cow Leopard Tiger Flags Cats-Quilted, Flamingo-Quilted, Butterfly-Quilted

Equipedic Western Saddle Pad


This pad was originally designed for Western saddles, but it will also works great for most Australian saddles (especially the fleece panel saddles). If you are using saddle bags and want to provide a little extra protection for your horse, this pad is a great choice. It will be a little small for a draft size western saddle.

Available in black or green. 28 inches long by 32 inches wide. Made in USA
Western Sway Back Pad


Cashel Correction Cushion Pads offer a convenient solution to saddling issues with your horse. They were specially designed to aid in providing optimal comfort and protection as well as to help adjust the fit of your saddle against the horse. They provide an easy way to help horses with muscle atrophy behind the shoulder or other conformational obstacles through the balanced distribution of saddle pressure. Made from the same hi-tech foam as other Cashel Cushion pads, each is designed to be ridden next to the horse or on top of a thin blanket or pad. Great with our 1/4” felt liners. With a 2” center that tapers to 3/4” in the front and back, the Cashel Cushion Swayback Pad helps keep the saddle from riding on the horse’s shoulder and loin by filling in the hollow area on the back of a swayback horse.
Sizes:Xtra Large (32"x32"), Large (30"x30"), Medium (28"x28")

Tacky-Tack Western Saddle Pad


Size: 34" x 36"
Colors: Black or Brown


100% New Zealand Wool Made by Mustang Fleece bottom 34 x 36