Draft Aussie Saddle Pads

Merino Wool Endurance Pad

Made from merino wool covering, then each panel is hand stuffed with teased polyester memory batting, affording the absolute best padding available for the horse. Size 26 long x 27 wide.
DU 530
Trailrider Comfort Pad

A soft traditional Australian saddle pad that we have sold for many years, made of pure new wool with tabs and ties to connect to your saddle to reduce the possibility of saddle pad slippage. Size is 28 long x 36 wide.
Trailrider Comfort Pad with Saddle Bags

A great quality saddle pad in pure wool, fitted with double saddle bags for easy rider convenience. Fitted with suede leather wear patches and leather ties to attach the saddle pad to the saddle. Size: 28" long x 36" wide

Colors: Black, Brown, Green, and Maroon
DU 560
Premium Trailrider Comfort Pad

Designed with your horse's comfort in mind. Wool topside and 100% wool felt underside with contrasting trim. Fitted with leather tabs so you can tie the saddle pad directly to the saddle, eliminating slippage. Exciting colors, will fit all Australian type saddles. Available in large (30 long x 38 wide).
Rectangular Felt Shim Pad

If you need maximum flexibility for fitment, this pad will fit the bill. Three pockets with felt inserts on each side of the pad allow you to adjust fitment from side to side and from front to back. The inserts are easily inserted and removed, so you can use it for different saddles and different horses. Nylon strap at the front of the pad works well with almost all wither shapes. The wool felt material wicks the moisture away and the horizontal vent helps keep the spine cool. Size 31" long x 32" wide
The Ultimate Pad - Rectangular
Is this the ultimate pad for Australian saddles? You decide after you put this luxurious genuine sheepskin pad on your horse. Thick, soft Australian sheepskin on the bottom with a quilted cotton top and suede wear patch. Tie down straps keep your saddle and pad working together. The all natural sheepskin is comfortable on your horse's back, and works great in both hot and cold conditions. Hand wash with a gentle wool cleaner, such as Kookaburra Wool Wash. Made in China from genuine Australian sheepskins. Size 28" long by 28" wide Available in Brown or Black

Equipedic Western Saddle Pad


This pad was originally designed for Western saddles, but it will also works great for most Australian saddles (especially the fleece panel saddles). If you are using saddle bags and want to provide a little extra protection for your horse, this pad is a great choice. It will be a little small for a draft size western saddle.

Available in black or green. 28 inches long by 32 inches wide. Made in USA

Tacky-Tack Australian Trooper Saddle Pad


Size: approximately 28" x 39"
Colors: Black, Brown