HOW TO DO A WITHER TRACING #1. First, note where an Australian saddle sits on the horse. It is forward on the withers, with the girth one to three inches behind the front leg. We want the wither tracing to reflect where the front of the saddle will be on the horse. The easiest way to find this spot is to follow the line of the back of the horse's front leg straight up to the top of the withers. #2. Next, snip off the twisted ends of a common coat hanger (or use any other bendable wire), and bend the wire over the withers where indicated until you have a snug fit. Carefully remove without changing the angle. #3. Trace the outline of the wire on a standard 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper with a black marker or a bold pen. Turn the paper sideways to give a larger drawing of the withers. We only need 6 to 8 inches down each side of the wire to get the correct angle. #4. Fax or mail to (513) 724 0702. Make sure to include your name, phone number, and the saddle you ordered (or are interested in). Make sure to include the breed of horse, its height in hands, and its heart girth measurement (all the way around the horse where the girth goes - see below). For the rider, include your height, weight, and pant size.
HOW TO DO A HEART GIRTH MEASUREMENT We need a heartgirth measurement to determine what size girth to send. Heart Girth Measurement Measure the circumference of the horses body in inches. This measurement goes all the way around the horse, about one to three inches behind the front legs.