Kimberly Series Saddles

At this time these saddles are unavailable.
Step-Up Stirrup


A portable "mounting block" that conveniently stores in its own bag.

Average Horse 47"-52"
Extra Large Horse(Draft) 52"-72"
Please measure Warmblood horses to see which size would fit best.
Kimberly Back Cinch


Rear cinch, ideal for any horn Aussie saddle. Comes complete with attached billet straps. Made with brass buckles, gold stitching and fully lined with suede leather.

LENGTH: 48" OR 60"

Kimberly Soft Fleece Girth


Leather pull-up strap and leather trimmed with soft fleece underside, makes this girth light in weight and extremely comfortable for the horse.

Aussie Saddle Cover

This economical, handy nylon saddle cover keeps your saddle neat and clean in the tack room or truck. Folds up into its own compact, velcro secured pouch, just 6" by 8". Includes a nylon carrying strap to tie the pouch onto your saddle. Sized especially for Aussie style saddles, fits saddles with or without horn. Black. The medium size fits saddle sizes 15" to 17", and the large size fits saddle sizes 18" to 21".
Upgrade to Maximum Endurance Stirrups

Upgrade from the included 4 bar stirrups with suede treads to the leather covered Maximum Endurance Stirrups that spread your weight over a much larger area, reducing back pain and sore feet. Soft rubber tread. Brown color
Upgrade to Neoprene Aussie Girth

Upgrade your girth when you buy your new aussie saddle to this easy care, soft and very durable, neoprene girth. The choice of horse riders around the world. It has thick neoprene on both the top and bottom of the girth. The brass plated roller buckles allow for easy adjustment. Girth width: 4 inches, inside buckle width: 1.25 inches
DU-STIR335-Upgrade to Leather Covered Stirrup
Upgrade the included stirrups from the included 4 bar stirrups with suede treads to heavy duty cast aluminum covered with leather and hand-stitched with gold stitching. The pair has 4" wide leather pads at the bottom, and is 5" wide at the curved part near the bottom. Colors: Brown and Black
Neoprene Endurance Style Girth


Works with most dressage saddles. <".
Girth width: 4 inches, inside buckle width: 1 inch.
Color: Black