PL-280 O/S
English Amish Bridles-Oversize

Price: $179.95
 PL-280 O/SEnglish Amish Bridles-Oversize
This finely crafted Amish built basic English Bridle will give you years of use. This Bridle has plenty of room to put more holes and adjust down to make smaller. The ability to adjust makes this a great bridle for that growing Draft that will only get bigger, or just a beautiful everyday bridle for your older guys too!

Browband- 17"
Throatlatch-43" to 48"
Buckle end Bit to Bit 41" to 51"

56" Plain leather reins included with buckles in the middle and at the bit ends

Average horse weight - 1100-1400 lbs

Colors: Havana and Black