Wide Nose Hunter Bridle

Price: $145.99
Sizes Hardware

“Beautifully designed” is how one rider described this Draft sized bridle. Brow and nose are wide, square raised and fancy stitched. Laced reins are raised and fancy stitched to match. Brow and nose are padded. Convertible flash can easily be hung over or beneath the padded nose or removed completely leaving no trace. Double buckle throat and cavesson crown for even adjustment. Signature leather with contrasting white stitching. Leather is uncoated and will mellow and darken with oiling. Tanned in a tannery which meets demanding European environmental standards. The crank nose comes with a removable flash. The laced reins also have decorative stitching near the bit end.

Stainless steel or solid brass hardware. Hook studs.
Color: Havana

Browband - 20"
Bit to Bit - 46"-58"
Throat latch - 47"-60"
Removable Flash - 24"-29"
Reins -66" each side